Configuring Calncall On ZoiPer – Windows

1. Download the Free ZoiPer softphone from here:

2. Install the ZoiPer client on Windows PC/Laptop.


3. When you launch the ZoiPer app for the first time, you will be prompted to allow Windows firewall access.

4. Continue as a Free user.

5. Enter the following information which are provided by Calncall and “Login”

User name: < sip username > (e.g., Dsip65XXXXXXXX)
Password: < sip password > (e.g., XXXXXXXXXXX)

6. Hostname: < sip server > (e.g.,

7. Skip authentication and outbound proxy.

8. Skip configuration testing and create account.

9. To check the registration status and settings.
a. Go to Settings > Accounts > Click on your SIP Account and see that there is a green tick icon beside your account (shown below).
b. If it is not registered, click on “register” again in the top right corner.

** Please check the welcome email sent by our team for the dial plan details.

Dial Plan:
Singapore Calls: Dial the 8 digit number

Overseas Calls: 00 + < country code > + < area code > + < destination >

For example, to call a China number with the country code 86, enter: 00-44-XXXXXXXXXX.