Advantages of 3CX Windows Phone System


The 3CX phone system for Windows allows you to get the maximum benefits for your office communication system as opposed to the traditionally-styled PBX. The benefits come to you in forms of cost, ease of management, and set up. 3CX Phone System is a software that supports PBX for Windows and works with SIP trunks, VoIP Gateways, and IP phones based on the SIP standard. The popularity of the software is clear with over 30,000 companies integrating it into their communication systems, globally. And for the innovation and state-of-the-art technology it brings along with it.


Why go for the 3CX Windows phone system?


The biggest benefit of this software is that it can be run on Windows that helps it to be easily installed and managed across companies and IT systems. Given its suitability to the Windows platform, Windows IT admins can install and run this cutting-edge PBX without really needing to have prior Linux or telecom skills. Also the software is pre-configured to work in tandem with some popular VoIP gateways, SIP trunks, and IP phones that are used widely, thus removing the hassle of configuring and managing 3CX on these devices.


Companies need not look for IT administrators with specific knowledge for installing and configuring this revolutionary PBX system. Its user-friendly installation makes it an easy choice for companies who are looking for a PBX installation in their companies without much hassle or shelling out a lot of funds. Being vendor independent makes it all the more better as it makes the choice easier for companies, thus saving them valuable time. Centralized control from the software’s management console makes it easier to navigate and apply controls and changes. When looking for compatible devices to run the 3CX Windows Phone System, just choose from the list of some of the most popular SIP Trunks, VoIP gateways, and IP Phones, as the software has been designed to support all the major ones in the device category.


Work remotely and increase flexibility


3CX can be used on smartphones, Mac, and Windows that gives you the flexibility to use your office extension from any location. Even while working remotely 3CX renders office calls free of charge and also allows helps you make a professional impression on your clients.

Companies too can cut down their telephone costs by over 80 percent and have the choice of easily adding and removing extensions as and when required. Integrate the software along with your CRM and leverage the information to give a more personalized experience to your clients.


The 3CX Windows Phone System gives you many options to bring the best PBX experience into your company.


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